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1st Division Marks In Madhyamik 2023: A Comprehensive Analysis

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The Madhyamik Examination of 2023 witnessed a significant number of students achieving the coveted 1st division marks. This achievement reflects the dedication and hard work of students, as well as the effectiveness of the education system in preparing them for academic success. In this comprehensive analysis, we will delve into various aspects of the 1st division marks in the Madhyamik Examination 2023, providing step-by-step insights and additional information in the form of a chart.

The West Bengal Board of Secondary Education (WBBSE) has always been supportive of the students. Though there are many reasons for changes, our decisions are always taken to acknowledge the importance of examinations and make sure that each student is given an equal opportunity to showcase their skills and talent. West Bengal doesn’t want to spoil the students’ nerves before the exams. Indeed the state government wants to take care of each and every student and help them grow in their future careers.

That’s why West Bengal has made this decision so that it would be easier for people to focus on their studies without any hindrances. Despite the varied reactions, the WBBSE has made a significant effort to reduce stress on students and ensure that all students have an equal opportunity to prepare for the exams.

Step 1: Overview of Madhyamik Examination 2023 The Madhyamik Examination is a crucial milestone in the academic journey of students in India, particularly in West Bengal. In 2023, a large number of students demonstrated their academic prowess by securing 1st division marks. The overall performance of students showcased a commendable understanding of the curriculum and a commitment to excellence.

​1st Division Marks in Madhyamik WBBSE

Students need to score a minimum of 33% in each subject and 20% in practical exams to pass the Uccha Madhyamik exam. The Uccha Madhyamik exam is an important milestone in a student’s academic career, and the passing requirements are quite stringent. To obtain the first division, candidates need to get at least 480 points, while those obtaining marks above 360 will get a second division, and those above 272 will fall into the third division. Therefore, the Uccha Madhyamik exam tests the student’s knowledge and skills rigorously.

Step 2: Factors Contributing to 1st Division Success Several factors contribute to students achieving 1st division marks in the Madhyamik Examination. A combination of consistent study habits, effective time management, and guidance from experienced teachers played a pivotal role. Additionally, the support and encouragement from parents and peers created a conducive environment for academic achievement.

Step 3: Subjects and Performance Analyzing the subjects where students excelled is crucial in understanding the distribution of 1st division marks. Mathematics, Science, English, and Bengali emerged as key subjects where students consistently performed well. This highlights the importance of a balanced approach to studies, covering both language and science-oriented subjects.

Step 4: Regional Disparities Examining the regional distribution of 1st division marks provides valuable insights into the educational landscape. Urban areas might show a higher concentration of top performers due to better resources and infrastructure, while rural areas may exhibit a more varied performance. This information is vital for policymakers to address educational disparities and implement targeted interventions.

Additional Information – Chart: To visually represent the distribution of 1st division marks, a chart is provided below:

The WB 10th grade board will include an oral test in mathematics for the second unit test. The written mathematics paper comprises objective questions (20 marks) and subjective questions (90 marks). An oral test in a second language carries 10 marks. All written examinations carry 90 marks each, and an optional elective subject will be assessed by the board but won’t affect students’ final grades.

Name of the Board WBBSE
WBBSE West Bengal Board of Secondary Education
Total Marks 800
1st Division Marks above 480
2nd Division Marks above 360
3rd Division Marks above 270

WBBSE Madhyamik Examinations 2023 Highlights

Name of the Board WBBSE
Class Madhyamik
Name of the article 1st Division Marks in Madhyamik WBBSE
Examination starting date 23rd February 2023
Last date of examination 1st April 2023
Official website CLICK HERE

The chart categorizes the number of students achieving 1st division marks based on gender, region, and subject. This visual representation offers a clear understanding of the patterns and trends within the Madhyamik Examination 2023 results.


The Madhyamik Examination of 2023 showcased a remarkable number of students achieving 1st division marks. This comprehensive analysis highlighted various factors contributing to their success, including study habits, subject-wise performance, and regional disparities. The provided chart offers a visual representation for a more nuanced understanding of the examination results. As we celebrate the accomplishments of these students, it is essential to continue refining educational strategies to ensure sustained success in future examinations.

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